Available Equipment


Precision excavation and heavy lifting made effortless with our advanced and versatile excavator fleet.

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Dual-functionality backhoe loaders offer unparalleled agility in digging, trenching, and material handling.

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Robust bulldozers equipped for heavy-duty clearing, grading, and pushing earth with unmatched power.

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Motor Grader

Motor graders providing meticulous contouring and fine grading for precise road construction and preparation.

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High-efficiency trenchers create uniform trenches for utilities and pipelines with speed and precision.

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Loaders designed for optimal material transport and handling, ensuring efficient site operation.

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Skid Steer Loader

Compact and maneuverable skid steer loaders tackle diverse tasks with a variety of attachments for every job site.

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Dump Truck

Reliable dump truck services for transporting construction materials, debris, and waste with safety and efficiency.

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Drum Roller

State-of-the-art drum rollers achieve optimal compaction for stable and level surfaces in construction and roadworks.

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Hydro Vac

Innovative Hydro Vac services provide non-destructive excavation, offering safe and precise soil removal.

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Versatile tractors equipped for a range of agricultural and maintenance tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

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Advanced seeder services for effective land cultivation, promoting robust growth and sustainable land use.

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Durable plowing equipment tailored for breaking and turning soil, preparing fields for a new planting season.

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Our tillers cultivate and aerate soil, preparing your land for planting and ensuring optimal soil health.

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Service Locations

We proudly serve West Texas, South-East New Mexico, and surrounding areas for all of our services.

Midland, TX
Monahans, TX
Hobbs, NM
Odessa, TX
Pecos, TX
Lovington, NM
Fort Stockton, TX
Big Spring, TX
Carlsbad, NM
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Environmental Services

Environmental services play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy living environment. Ideally, activities like oil drilling, chemical storage, and waste disposal would never impact our surroundings. However, accidents are unpredictable and can cause significant environmental harm if unaddressed. Reach out to learn how our environmental service solutions can support your project and safeguard our ecosystem.

Safety & Procedures

Our mission is to deliver top-tier environmental and construction services to the Permian Basin and its vicinity, prioritizing efficiency, affordability, and safety. At Stingray, our workforce is fully trained in SafeLand and H2S protocols. We start each day with a Job Safety Analysis and a Tailgate Safety Meeting, followed by a comprehensive job site walkthrough. This ensures our team is well-informed and prepared for the day's tasks.