Demolition Services

Demolition is a critical first step in the redevelopment and transformation of any property. We specialize in the safe and efficient demolition of structures on large properties, ensuring a clear path for new development while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and compliance.

Our Comprehensive Demolition Solutions

We provide end-to-end demolition services tailored to the unique demands of each project:

  • Pre-Demolition Planning: Our team conducts thorough assessments, including structural analyses and material surveys, to plan the demolition process meticulously.
  • Deconstruction Services: We offer deconstruction services, carefully dismantling buildings to preserve valuable materials for reuse and recycling.
  • Material Recycling: Our commitment to sustainability includes extensive recycling of materials, diverting waste from landfills and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Site Clearance: Following demolition, we ensure the complete removal of debris, leaving a clean and safe site ready for new construction.

Expertise in Large-Scale Demolitions

Large property demolitions present unique challenges that our team is fully equipped to handle:

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment: We utilize heavy-duty equipment capable of safely taking down large structures, including industrial facilities and multi-story buildings.
  • Safety Protocols: Our strict safety protocols ensure the well-being of our crew and the protection of adjacent properties and the public.

Benefits of Professional Demolition Services

Our professional demolition services offer several key benefits:

  • Risk Mitigation: We identify and address potential risks, providing a controlled demolition that mitigates any danger to people or nearby structures.
  • Efficiency and Reliability: Our experienced team ensures that demolition projects are completed efficiently, on schedule, and to your specifications.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us for your demolition needs means partnering with experts who bring a depth of experience to your project. We understand the nuances of demolition work and commit to delivering unparalleled service.

Our Dedication to Client Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with you to understand your vision and goals for the property, ensuring our demolition services pave the way for your future projects.

Schedule Your Demolition Service

Ready to take the first step in transforming your property? Contact us today to discuss our demolition services and how we can assist in preparing your site for its next chapter.

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Service Locations

We proudly serve West Texas, South-East New Mexico, and surrounding areas for all of our services.

Midland, TX
Monahans, TX
Hobbs, NM
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Fort Stockton, TX
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Environmental Services

Environmental services play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy living environment. Ideally, activities like oil drilling, chemical storage, and waste disposal would never impact our surroundings. However, accidents are unpredictable and can cause significant environmental harm if unaddressed. Reach out to learn how our environmental service solutions can support your project and safeguard our ecosystem.

Safety & Procedures

Our mission is to deliver top-tier environmental and construction services to the Permian Basin and its vicinity, prioritizing efficiency, affordability, and safety. At Stingray, our workforce is fully trained in SafeLand and H2S protocols. We start each day with a Job Safety Analysis and a Tailgate Safety Meeting, followed by a comprehensive job site walkthrough. This ensures our team is well-informed and prepared for the day's tasks.